Apple’s Beats Music
Director of Partner Product
Spotify-killer acquired by Apple for $3bn.
Stormglass: Web
VP of Creative
The immersive web-based spy game for kids.
China Publishing Group
Exec. Editor / Creative Dir. / Head of Product
China's English answer to New York Magazine.
US Campaign for Burma
Head of Product / Technology
Product lead for human rights advocacy group.
Senior Product Manager
One of the 15 most-visited websites in the world.
Go24 Viral Media
Co-Founder & COO
The trilingual viral aggregator.
Director of Technology Projects
The world's most popular game FAQs.
Head of Product / Technology
Pro bono product lead for popular nonprofit radio station.
Director of Technology Projects
The world's leading games and videogames website.
ZDNet Music
Executive Editor / Head of Product
One of the most visited MP3 websites of the late 1990s.