Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

“Perfect.” – The New York Times

“Hilarious! Critic’s Pick.” – New York Magazine

“Thoroughly brilliant. Critic’s Pick.” – Salon.com

“I loved this movie!” – James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy

The Challenge

Produce a hit musical horror film in 35mm, with a 75-person crew and a cast of hundreds…
on a shoestring budget.

The Solution

Use social media and pop-up events, along with cult brand, to build awareness.
Link with PETA to promote vegetarian message and further reach.
Promote project heavily through global media networking.
Crowdsource costumes, special effects, props, locations, craft services, production tools, and even the cast and crew.
Lead casting, special effects and makeup, costumes, sets, locations, and all pre-production creative.
Track, budget, and schedule every element with persistence and rigor.

The Results

Produced on-schedule and under the $500k budget.
Critically-acclaimed feature with coverage in hundreds of media outlets.
Profitable — second-highest per-theater gross in the US, opening weekend.
Theatrical in hundreds of cities around the world.
Box-set DVD releases in the US and Germany.
Single-disc DVDs in Japan, China, Thailand, and Russia.
BluRay, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more.

“A vegetarian-manifesto masterpiece.” – PETA

“One of the most entertaining movies all year.” – Film Threat

“That rare and insane thing: an exploitation movie with soul.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Wonderfully bold.” – Guardian (UK)

“A Troma Classic.” – All Things Considered

“Hilarious.” – Stephen King

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