Fail Better Podcast

Every great product leader has an outstanding failure to share.
Avoid Repeating Them.

Every episode of The Fail Better Podcast introduces a great product leader coming clean about their worst product, their biggest fail, and what they learned from it. Four episodes are in the can, including: could have been Pitchfork or Spotify. It had millions of customers, beat out This American Life for a Webby, and even got acquired. And then it was gone. CEO Aaron Newton, now Head of Product at Thanx, explains what he did wrong, and how to avoid falling into his same traps.

When GameSpot’s founder teamed up with AfterEffects’ creator and iFilm’s CEO to launch a tool, it seemed like a match made in heaven and a product from the gods. Even Apple’s CEO cheered them on! So find out what went terribly wrong.

Coming in the Summer of 2017.