Fail Better Podcast
Every great product leader has an failure to share.
Anxiety Monsters
A fun cognitive behavioral therapy app.
Juche Weather
An iOS weather app with a hint of irony.
Stormglass 2: Tesla Threat
The hit sequel in German and English.
Pyongyang Too
Photonovella released by art publisher L'Association.
Viral blog with global media coverage.
The Stormglass Protocol
The critically-acclaimed English and German spy novel.
Stormglass: Room Escape
VP of Product and Creative
The acclaimed, five-star iOS room-escape game.
Stormglass: Web
VP of Creative
The immersive web-based spy game for kids.
China Publishing Group
Exec. Editor / Creative Dir. / Head of Product
China's English answer to New York Magazine.
Produce Your Own Damn Movie
Contributing Author
Practical tools for getting a movie started.
Zombie Girl
Writer, Editor & Director
Hit music video for China's favorite gypsy-punk band.
Direct Your Own Damn Movie
Contributing Author
A legendary director shares his wisdom.
Senior Product Manager
One of the 15 most-visited websites in the world.
Poultry in Motion
Writer, Producer, Editor, Director
The critically-acclaimed feature documentary.
Go24 Viral Media
Co-Founder & COO
The trilingual viral aggregator.
my god.
Writer, Producer, Editor, Director
I offer gurus $5,000 to launch their new religions.
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Lead Producer
The critically-acclaimed cult musical feature film.
Director of Technology Projects
The world's leading games and videogames website.